Anton Tinnerholm has barely played since leaving NYCFC

-Anton Tinnerholm was another player who made the decision to depart NYCFC after the 2022 season

-How is he doing in his return to Sweden?

Anton Tinnerholm of Malmö FF, formerly of NYCFC
Anton Tinnerholm of Malmö FF, formerly of NYCFC / Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

After the 2022 season, New York City FC saw multiple players leave the club, including club legends. One such player who left after five years with the team was Anton Tinnerholm. The right-back made the decision to return to Sweden to be closer to family.

While Tinnerholm is missed, his departure was understandable. Plus, Tayvon Gray rose to the occasion when the Swede ruptured his Achilles tendon in the leadup to the end of the 2021 season and the MLS Cup run. As a result, he was the mainstay starter for most of 2022, especially when the veteran right-back was recovering from his injury. NYCFC had a player that could be a starting right-back.

So, Tinnerholm made his return to Malmö FF in Sweden. It was thought he would have plenty of playing time, and at first, he made a few appearances for his old and new club. He played and started in six of his first seven games with the team. Then, he missed a few games before making his seventh appearance.

Former NYCFC player Anton Tinnerholm has been sidelined most of the 2023 season

However, Tinnerholm has not played in a match since May. At first, some wondered whether the former NYCFC player was unable to receive playing time. Yet, it became clear he was dealing with an injury. But what kept him on the sidelines and off the pitch?

In an interview with Fotbol Skane, Tinnerholm discussed the injury that has limited his playing time: an inguinal hernia. He tried to play through the pain, but the hernia got worse over time. He attempted to rehab the hernia, but eventually, the choice was made to proceed with an operation. The defender can now focus on the recovery and hopefully make it back before the season ends.

The NYCFC legend knows that may not happen, so he is realistic with his goal to return in 2024. A 2023 return is still possible.

It is a shame Tinnerholm has not played the amount he is used to over the last few years. He has been plagued by injuries, and as every Pigeon knows, he is too talented not to play.

Hopefully, the former New York City FC player will be healthy for the entirety of 2024. There is no doubt fans of both teams are cheering him on in his recovery.