Alex Rando's signing could open a route to Broadway

-Alex Rando is NYCFC's newest signing

-The goalkeeper's father could lead to a connection to Broadway

Alex Rando of NYCFC
Alex Rando of NYCFC / Arturo Holmes/GettyImages

Alex Rando is New York City FC's newest goalkeeper after he was signed to a Homegrown contract. The 22-year-old has been with the club for many years after time with the academy and NYCFC II. While Matt Freese is expected to be the starter between the sticks, Rando could possibly make the matchday squads throughout the season.

Meanwhile, there is another aspect to the new signing that NYCFC could utilize. Some might not know, but Rando's father, John Rando, is a well-known stage director. He has many Broadway credits to his name, including his most recent with Back to the Future: The Musical. He also won a Tony Award in 2002 for Urinetown: The Musical. As such, the goalkeeper has grown up around theatre.

This aspect of Rando's life allows NYCFC to reach out and expand to a whole new part of the city. With the help of his father, they could create a connection with the Broadway and theatre community. This is a huge part of the makeup of the city, so there is no better time to reach out and attempt to create a connection.

NYCFC and Broadway should connect

One might ask what exactly could be done between NYCFC and Broadway. To begin, the Pigeons could host a Broadway night during one of their games to honor the theatre community. Of course, the mostly Saturday schedule would make such a night difficult to plan. The club could always use the night to celebrate the theatre in general and have an open invite to those who are not in a current production.

Additionally, NYCFC could work hand in hand with Broadway on a community project or fundraiser. They could coordinate to find a way to give back to the people of the city. They could also start a program that encourages children to explore theatre and soccer. This would be a unique program that gives kids the opportunity to play on the pitch and the stage.

The Pigeons could also create partnerships with specific productions, where they might advertise during matches and throughout the season. In exchange, perhaps season ticket holders can be offered discount tickets for those shows. Moreover, NYCFC could advertise in playbills.

Rando's father could help introduce the club to the theatre community, especially Broadway, to create a connection. It would be incredible to see a local sports team support productions around the city and vice versa. Plus, it would be newsworthy and create buzz. This is something that should be considered while the goalkeeper is on the team.

No one would think to associate New York City FC and Broadway. Imagine if that connection and partnership is created. There are boundless things the two could do for one another and the city.