3 things we learned from NYCFC's 3-2 loss to the Columbus Crew

  • NYCFC and the Columbus Crew played one another on Friday
  • The Crew defeated the Pigeons, ending the winning streak
  • Here are three things we learned from the loss
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1. NYCFC needs another left-back

Nick Cushing did not utilize O’Toole during this match.  Instead, Tayvon Gray started as the left-back.  So, when his fellow right-back was sent off, he moved back to the right-back position, playing more as a wing-back.  Wolf moved into the left wing-back spot.  In addition, James Sands played more as a center-back, creating a five-man backline.

So, one can argue there was some shakiness, which may be why the Crew scored those two goals early in the second half.  The fact Wolf moved to the left-back position just shows the importance of bringing in a left-back during the summer transfer window.

Christian McFarlane did make his debut, coming in during the 74th minute.  It was not the ideal time for the 17-year-old Homegrown to come on, but he did have decent first performance.  But will Cushing give him more playing time and put his trust in the left-back?  That is unknown.  Even if the answer is yes, there is always a chance he is not ready to fully backup O’Toole.  Truthfully, that is probably unlikely. 

No matter what, NYCFC should get a left-back to ensure there is depth at the position.