3 things we learned from Gotham FC's superb win against Racing Louisville FC

  • Gotham FC won another road match after they beat Racing Louisville FC
  • Yazmeen Ryan and Ella Stevens scored to secure the three points
  • Here are three things we learned from the win
Gotham FC
Gotham FC / EM Dash-USA TODAY Sports

On a hot afternoon in Kentucky, NJ/NY Gotham FC and Racing Louisville FC faced off for the second time this season.  Fans will remember their last match against each other, which saw the teams share the spoils after scoring in stoppage time in the 1-1 draw.

This time, Gotham FC wanted all three points.  It was entirely possible with how they have been playing as of late.  Entering the match, the Bats won three in a row and were unbeaten in seven.  They were slowly improving on the offensive end.  They were without Esther González and Lynn Williams for the Louisville game but their talent in the attack meant it was easy to be relaxed about missing the two forwards.

That is why it was not shocking that Gotham FC was threatening, and eventually won the match. Gotham FC beat Racing Louisville FC 2-0, dominating the fixture.  They had over 60% of the possession and outshot the home team nine to five.

This was another great road win for Gotham.  Here are three things we learned from the game.

3 things we learned from another great road win for Gotham FC

1. Yazmeen Ryan’s goal was too easy

Gotham FC’s first goal-scorer was Yazmeen Ryan. The midfielder/winger has played superbly all year but did not have a goal to her name.  That was until the 21st minute against Louisville.  Her first goal of the season was too easy.

After a foul on Ella Stevens, the referee allowed play to continue, in which Crystal Dunn received the ball.  She sent the ball to Ryan, who had plenty of space to run.  Additionally, there were plenty of players in front of her when she got closer to the goal.  She took her shot right outside the center of the box, the ball stayed on the ground, and entered the back of the net with ease.

Watching Ryan move the ball forward was like watching the most talented kid in town maneuver around kids her age who are nowhere near the same talent level.  The home side watched her score like they had no idea what to do with her.  It was somewhat comical to watch.

It was still a great goal though.  Ryan actually scored as she fell to the ground.  It can be argued that her talent subdued the Louisville defense.  Still, watching the goal occur in live time made one wonder where the home team was at that moment.

2. Injury concerns continue for Gotham FC

Before the international break, everyone thought the injury list was shrinking for Gotham FC.  The club has one of the longest lists in the NWSL.  Some players are on the season-ending injury list while it feels like someone new is added every week.

Unfortunately, despite scoring the second goal, Stevens had to be taken out of the game.  She was fouled quite often and needed treatment a couple of times.  The beating she took eventually took a toll, leading to her coming out in the 67th minute.  Hence, there are concerns about her status.  Hopefully, it was precautionary with the midweek game at home coming up.

Gotham FC shows what they can do though when some of the stars are hurt.  There is a reason they have done well over the last eight matches.  The depth on the team is fantastic where so many players can start.

3. Gotham FC?  More like Road Warriors FC

The Bats’ season has gone the right way after that horrid loss against the Washington Spirit.  Since that match, they are 6-0-2, picking up 20 points out of 24.

One item that stands out is their road record.  So far this season, Gotham FC is 4-2-1 away from home.  During this recent unbeaten streak, the ladies have won three of their four road games.  This is the type of record that is not common, for most teams tend to only win a small portion on the road.

That is why Gotham is a road warrior team.  They have found a way to earn success away from home.  The strong defense definitely helps.  It will be interesting to see whether the trend continues throughout the rest of 2024.