3 things we learned from Gotham FC's Pride game win over Angel City FC

  • Gotham FC secured another three points after their win over Angel City FC
  • Here are three things we learned from the game
Gotham FC
Gotham FC / Jonathan Jones-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday afternoon, NJ/NY Gotham FC resumed NWSL play after the international break.  They welcomed celebrity-owned Angel City FC to Red Bull Arena for their Pride celebration.  There were plenty of Pride-themed things to do before the game, so some of the fans headed there early.

The supporters came out in full force too.  It was a big crowd compared to the Bats’ usual to cheer on Gotham as they looked to expand their unbeaten streak to seven.  Unfortunately, after the injury list got smaller before the break, it increased again.  Lynn Williams and Maycee Bell were both out, while Sinead Farrelly was added to the season-ending injury list for the rest of the year, for the player is officially retired from the beautiful game.

There was some positive news, for McCall Zerboni was back and on the bench.  She made her first appearance since her ACL injury in the second half.  Gotham fans hoped the day would end positively as well.  Thankfully, it did, for the Bats beat Angel City 2-1.  This extended the unbeaten streak to seven games.

There is plenty one can talk about with this match.  Here are three things we learned from the fantastic Gotham FC win.

3 things we learned from Gotham FC’s 2-1 win

1. Crystal Dunn proved why she should always start

One of the confusing aspects of this season is that Crystal Dunn has started many matches on the bench for Gotham FC.  In the Angel City game, she got the start and proved why she should always start or start as many games as possible.  The versatile player can play in multiple positions and always contributes regardless of where she is. 

She did start as the left-winger on Saturday before she and Yazmeen Ryan switched sides.  She was a major threat in and near the box and moved the ball up the pitch with ease, as she does. 

However, she also scored for the Bats to put the team on top in the first half.  Rose Lavelle’s interception led to the counter-attack, and Ryan ended with the ball on the left side of the pitch.  She saw Dunn ready and open and crossed the ball to the right side, allowing Dunn to run into the box and send a shot on the ground.

The USWNT player’s shot slid into the back of the net, leading to her second goal in about a week after her goal with the national team.  The Long Island native is vital to the team and should be playing more than she has.

2. The crowd deserves a shout-out

The Gotham FC crowd was one of the best ones seen this season.  The higher turnout can be attributed to Pride, the early afternoon time, and the gorgeous weather. 

It might not have been a crazy crowd that Angel City and a few other teams can draw, but it was without doubt higher compared to some of their previous matches.  The fans were also extremely loud, cheering the Bats on.  The signs, Gotham gear, and Pride outfits were fully on display as well.  It was a great atmosphere, which is why the crowd deserves a shout-out.

3. Ann-Katrin Berger is an early MVP contender for Gotham FC

There have been a few players that have been stellar throughout the season.  However, ever since Ann-Katrin Berger joined the team, she has been incredible.  The backline has been one of the best in the league, but Berger is a major reason why the Bats stay in games.  Once again, she is a big reason why her team won this weekend.

Berger had five saves, including a few with her legs and feet.  Except for Angel City’s one goal, which was in a way a freak shot that went in, she was on point and a brick wall.  Her alertness to where the ball was made it easy to determine when to leave the goal and when to allow her backline to do what they do best.

At this point, Berger should be the starting goalkeeper regardless of whether Abby Smith returns this season.  The German’s performances have been out of this world.