3 players NYCFC should inquire about from the top European leagues

-NYCFC still needs to sign players before the 2024 season begins

-There are some players from the European leagues that they should try to sign over the summer or down the road

-Here are three possible players that might be available that the Pigeons should go after

Robert Lewandowski of FC Barcelona
Robert Lewandowski of FC Barcelona / Angel Martinez/GettyImages
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Thiago Alcântara will be available in 2024 and can help NYCFC

Thiago Alcântara, or Thiago, is rumored to be on the way out of Liverpool FC.  This would make him available this month or at the end of his contract. For NYCFC, they should hope for the latter, for he would be available as a free agent.  If he leaves in January, then it might not be possible to sign the central midfielder.  Based on Transfermarkt, it is not out of the realm of possibilities, for the website values him at about $10 million. Whether the club would spend that amount for a 32-year-old is yet to be seen.

No matter what, NYCFC should monitor Thiago as well, for he could be a player who would be great for the club.  He is one of the top central midfielders in the beautiful game.  His playing time has declined since joining Liverpool, but he is someone that could make an impact right away.

His superb passing could calm down the midfield like Maxi Moralez would.  His accuracy would lead to more passes in the attack, increasing chances in the final third.  The Spanish international also likes to play the long balls.  The smaller pitch at Yankee Stadium and Citi Field could see him putting the ball from the midfield toward the goal. 

Thiago’s dribbling skills are another aspect of his game that would make him a great addition.  He is not one to lose the ball.  As a result, his ability to keep possession and move the ball up the pitch would help NYCFC keep the possession.  One cannot forget his defensive abilities too, for he can aid the backline with keeping the ball out of the net.  He does well with intercepting passes and is not afraid to tackle the ball away. 

Some might argue New York City FC should sign a winger or striker from a top European league.  But Thiago is someone that could make any team in MLS better than before.