3 players NYCFC should inquire about from the top European leagues

-NYCFC still needs to sign players before the 2024 season begins

-There are some players from the European leagues that they should try to sign over the summer or down the road

-Here are three possible players that might be available that the Pigeons should go after

Robert Lewandowski of FC Barcelona
Robert Lewandowski of FC Barcelona / Angel Martinez/GettyImages
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Robert Lewandowski is a more probable option for NYCFC

Staying in La Liga, there might be a star striker that will become available this summer that NYCFC should do everything to sign.  Robert Lewandowski is with FC Barcelona and also has a contract through the end of the 2025-2026 season, but he has been struggling this season.  He has 12 goals to his name in all competitions, but he is not scoring regularly.

Additionally, Barcelona has been struggling in the current campaign, for they sit in fourth place.  On top of that, they are still recovering from their financial woes.  Hence, with Lewandowski’s salary and age, the team might decide to terminate his contract earlier than expected.  There is a clause that would allow termination after his third season.  Yet, if both parties were to agree, then the Polish international could leave this summer. 

In that scenario, NYCFC should make him a top priority.  Lewandowski is still a top striker at 35 and would particularly succeed in MLS.  So far, he has scored 554 times during his career and is expected to add more.  He could play at a top level, especially in MLS, for a few more years.  His goal-scoring ability can make him as big of a goal-scoring threat as Lionel Messi. 

The good news is that Lewandowski would not require as big of a contract.  More than likely he would have the biggest contract on NYCFC, but the Pigeons have room to spend.  So why not spend that money?  Plus, he is a star player that would bring more fans to the stadium. 

Alas, Lewandowski is another player where it is questionable whether he would be ready to make the jump overseas in 2024.  He is more likely than Griezmann, but like the other forward, NYCFC should monitor him.