3 players we would love to share Thanksgiving with

-Thanksgiving is around the corner, so which NYCFC player would you invite to your home?

-Here are three players we would love to share Thanksgiving with

James Sands of NYCFC
James Sands of NYCFC / Stephen Nadler/ISI Photos/GettyImages

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and many New York City FC fans are preparing for the holiday. Some will be spending it with family, while others will be amongst friends. Others might be celebrating with both.

Regardless of who you are spending Thanksgiving with, there is no question that there are certain NYCFC players with whom we would love to share the holiday. Some might have never celebrated before, while others are Americans and celebrate every year.

There are quite a few players we would invite to our homes for the holiday. However, Skyscraper Blues has narrowed it down to three.

Here are three players we would love to share Thanksgiving with.

The NYCFC players we would invite to Thanksgiving dinner

Talles Magno

Talles Magno has been a part of NYCFC for a few years now. It is unknown whether he has experienced a Thanksgiving feast yet. That does not matter since he would be one of the first players to receive an invite.

For starters, the Brazilian is always happy. Even when he is down, he has a smile on his face and is ready to break down into a dance. His joyful energy would be a boost to any Thanksgiving celebration.

Magno might also be the most fashionable person at Thanksgiving. Some of his posts on Instagram show how he likes to dress to impress.

Matt Freese

Matt Freese is another player who would be a great person to share Thanksgiving with. Someone is dropping the turkey? The goalkeeper will make the save. Another's plate falls out of their hands? He will be there to stop the fall.

Freese might also be the perfect player to endure the stories from family members that nobody cares about. His patience with waiting for his shot to start in Major League Soccer was evident over the years. When he got his shot, he proved he is starter material.

James Sands

James Sands is another NYCFC player to have over for Thanksgiving. He has been around the club for a long time, so he would be the best player to discuss the team over turkey, sweet potato pie, and stuffing. This would be the perfect time to ask him how he feels about the future of the Pigeons and the direction he would like to see the club move in.

Sands is one of the players who is consistently willing to interact with fans and attend events. He is personable and would be easy to get along with the other Thanksgiving guests. The New York City FC player and sometimes captain would undoubtedly receive an invite.