The 2024 NWSL Draft: What should Gotham FC fans know?

-The NWSL Draft will take place on Friday

-What should Gotham FC fans know about the draft?

Gotham FC at the 2023 NWSL Draft
Gotham FC at the 2023 NWSL Draft / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

NJ/NY Gotham FC and the rest of the NWSL will participate in the 2024 NWSL Draft later this week. This event will give mostly college students the chance to be selected by all 14 teams. Sometimes, clubs will find stars. Other times, they will find depth players.

The NWSL utilizes its draft more for building rosters than the MLS SuperDraft. Gotham FC struck gold last year when they drafted Jenna Nighswonger in the first round. The forward-turned-defender became the Rookie of the Year and is on her way to becoming a star.

This year, the Bats will likely strive to find a depth piece after their recent signings over the summer and this offseason. Over the last few weeks, the Bats signed starter-worthy players like Crystal Dunn and Tierna Davidson.

What should Gotham FC fans know about the 2024 NWSL Draft? Let's take a look below at some informative information.

When is the NWSL Draft?

The NWSL Draft will take place on Friday, January 12 at 8 PM.

Can Gotham FC fans watch the draft?

Gotham FC fans in the United States can watch the first two hours of the draft on ION Television. The remaining two hours will be available on ION Plus. In some ways, not everyone will have access to the draft. Outside of the U.S., fans can watch on

How many rounds is the draft?

There are four rounds in the NWSL Draft. About 200 college students have declared themselves for the draft. 56 selections will be made.

How many picks does Gotham FC have?

As of today, Gotham FC has only one pick in the NWSL Draft. They have the 14th pick in the first round. Last-minute trades could always lead to another pick or two.

Will Gotham sign their draft pick?

Like any draft, there are always questions as to whether a team will sign their draft picks. Being drafted is never a guarantee to make a roster in the NWSL. Whether Gotham signs their pick will depend on how the player does in the preseason.

What else should Gotham FC fans know?

Gotham FC fans should know that each team has five minutes to pick players in the first round. Therefore, the Bats will likely see their pick occur over an hour after the start of the draft. Afterward, teams will have three minutes to make their picks in the remaining rounds. Also, fans can tune out once the NJ/NY side makes their pick since that is their lone pick.

Moreover, players who are 18 by December 31, 2023, can register for the draft and forego their college eligibility. In other words, high school players can be drafted. This is rare though, so one should expect the Bats to choose a college-aged player or graduate.

There are questions on which direction NJ/NY Gotham FC will go in with their NWSL Draft pick. Ideally, they will choose someone who can make a difference in some way during the 2024 season.