Get all your NYCFC news on MLS Multiplex

Just like the MLS, the FanSided Network is a growing community and striving to become one of the best media platforms around.

Starting today, MLS Multiplex will be the number one source for all MLS news including New York City F.C. All of FanSided’s MLS sites will merge into one and full under one umbrella to give our audience what they need.

While Skyscraper Blues will be gone, our coverage of NYCFC will not. We strive to give you the latest news, opinions, rumors and everything NYCFC related everyday.

The MLS Multiplex is a step in the right direction and a new chapter for the FanSided community and our beloved readers. This will give us a chance to offer you more with coverage for every MLS team.

Fansided’s six team sites was a ceiling and today, we broke the ceiling and are now reaching for the sky. With your loyalship and commitment, MLS Multiplex will be the go-to site for your MLS news.

The NYCFC site will be gone, but we encourage our readers to continue to follow our Facebook and Twitter pages. Especially here on Skycraperblues, we pushed the limit with our game coverage and fan interactions and have no intentions of stopping that.

From reporting the firing of ex-head coach Jason Kreis to looking forward with Patrick Viera, your NYCFC news will still be there on FanSided.

It’s been a pleasure writing and being editor of Skyscraper Blues trying to give the fans what they deserve, the very best.

From FanSided and me, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting and following us. We can’t wait to bring you along and start the new chapter in FanSided’s amazing story.

Skyscraperblues out!