Frank Lampard: No reason to complain

The Seattle Sounders are not really having the kind of season they had hoped for and after yesterday’s 2-0 loss to New York City F.C., it’s just getting worse. After a controversial goal, they felt they deserved more and felt the need to voice their opinion.

Frank Lampard didn’t really feel bad for them.

In his post-game interview with, Lampard felt that his side was the better team and in the end, there was no reason for Seattle to complain.

“In the second half, maybe we didn’t play so well,”

Lampard said.

“But I think we created more chances and I think we got a goal we deserved. I think Seattle can’t complain – albeit they’re a good team – they can’t complain because I think we played well today.”

In the end, Lampard’s goal was not the deciding factor as Ronald Matarrita netted his first career MLS goal in the 84th minute after he grabbed a mis-placed pass from Seattle in the back, leaving the goalie all alone.

Now if Matarrita didn’t score that late goal, Lampard’s goal would have gone down as the most controversial call in the entire MLS this year.

Handball or not, Lampard was right about one thing as that was his team created more chances. When a team creates more chances, puts pressure on the defense and gets shots on target, they always come out victorious or grab at least a point.

When you’re having the kind of season that Seattle is having, you would look for excuses too.